Teknologic has significant experience in developing various underwater systems from stationary sonar systems to small, high-speed underwater vehicles. We have been developing solutions for the Navy since our inception with experienced engineers and managers mostly from the Honeywell, Alliant Techsystems, Hughes Aircraft, and Raytheon Marine Systems Divisions. This staff of senior engineers have designed, built and maintained maritime warfare systems, including implementation of the underlying systems for sonar, torpedoes, and unmanned surface, air and submerged vehicles. We have concentrated our efforts on acoustic transducer design, sonar and imaging systems, signal processing, and data acquisition. We have a long history of working with the Navy and Prime contractors. Our staff has an average of over 25 years' experience in the development of complex naval systems:

  • Underwater vehicles (e.g. torpedoes, mobile targets, unmanned autonomous vehicles, towed-body synthetic aperture and multi-beam side-scan sonars, & mine hunting systems)
  • We have extensive experience in torpedo development, having been part of the NT37, MK46, MK50, MK54 and MK48 design and production teams.
  • Teknologic developed and range tested a fiber optic guided MK46 variant lightweight torpedo (NetTORP) for a DARPA funded multi-year advanced research project.
  • Submarine and Surface ship sonar systems (e.g., SQQ-89I)
  • Telemetry and tracking systems for Keyport UUV test range
  • Expeditionary Swimmer Defense System – XSDS
  • Acoustic data acquisition and recording systems including underwater, shipboard, and structure mounted systems
  • Acoustic-based positioning systems for ship station keeping systems, underwater cable trenching and 2D/3D tracking systems
  • Pressure vessel designs for 1000m depth recording system.
  • Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System (JSATS) Receivers, both cabled and autonomous, National Marine Fisheries Service 3D Mobile Tracker, and JSATS Tag Reader

Contract Number: N00178-15-D-8461

Customers: Navy Labs, (NUWC/Keyport, NUWC/Newport, NSWC/Carderock), SPAWAR and DARPA as well as primes contractors such as Raytheon, SAIC, Northrop Grumman, ManTech, and Boeing (Insitu).

Contract Period of Performance: 5 April 2015 through 4 April 2019 (including award term options)

Program Ceiling: $ 5.3 Billion (including award term options)

Available Contract Types: CPFF, CPIF, CPAF, FFP, FPIF, T&M

Main POC & Customer Satisfaction Representative:

Brent Smith
CEO of Manager for Teknologic LLC
Phone: (425) 771-7980
Fax: (425) 771-7913

Finance & Contracts:

Terry Scodeller
CFO of Manager for Teknologic LLC
Phone: (425) 771-7980
Fax: (425) 771-7913

Our Experience

Teknologic LLC - Teknologic LLC is a small engineering and light manufacturing business formed in 1999 by a group of engineers with a long history in electrical, mechanical, software, and system design. For SeaPort-E we will support opportunities in Zone 2 – National Capital, Zone 6 – Southwest, and Zone 7 - Pacific Northwest - through our offices in Edmonds Washington. In support of the SeaPort-E contract we will support the following functional areas:

  • 3.2 Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support
  • 3.4 Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support
  • 3.15 Measurement Facilities, Range and Instrumentation Support

Task Orders

Upon receipt of SeaPort-E Task Orders, Teknologic LLC will post the SeaPort-E Points of Contact to provide information on customer satisfaction with services performed.

Team Member

SteadyFlux, Inc. – Its structural engineering team has both the tools and expertise to take on the most challenging design and development projects.  This includes finite element (FEA) analysis from simple linear structural design to complex non-linear material interactions.  In addition we use these techniques to help analyze and optimize all the products we deliver.  This ensures products are robust and failure free in the most demanding situations such as Alaska's rough seas to heavy oil and gas equipment.  Structural analysis capabilities are as follows:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Static Strength Analysis
  • Non-linear Materials
  • Coupled Thermo-Mechanical
  • Solder Joint Failure Analysis
  • Dynamic Loading Analysis
  • Vibration & Modal Analysis
  • Navel Architecture
  • Powering
  • Corrosion Studies
  • Seakeeping Analysis
  • Mooring Analysis
  • Adherence to Safety Regulations
  • Damage Analysis
  • Marine Surveys & Certification

Quality Assurance Program

Teknologic's Quality Management System (QMS) is based on the general structure of AS9100. Our QMS includes the following procedures:

a. T0002, Quality Objectives
b. T1000, Configuration Management - Document Control
c. T1010, Quality Records
d. T1020, Management Responsibility
e. T1030, Job Descriptions
f. T1040, Training
g. T1060, Contract Review
h. T1110, Supplier Evaluation
i. T1120, Procurement
j. T1130, Receiving and Inspection
k. T1140, Control of Production and Post-Delivery Support Processes
l. T1150, Manufacturing
m. T1160, Identification and Traceability
n. T1170, Customer Property
o. T1180, Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices
p. T1190, Electrostatic Discharge Control
q. T1200, Quality Audits
r. T1230, Control of Nonconforming Material
s. T1240, Data Analysis
t. T1250, Corrective and Preventive Action

Failure Analysis and Corrective Action – Our QMS includes policies and procedures for defect tracking, and corrective and preventative action for our manufactured products. While the QMS does not include formal failure analysis policies and procedures, many of our employees have experience supporting NUWC/PMS404 failure analyses, including use of the FRACAS system.

ISO Certification – Throughout our corporate history, no government or commercial customer has required ISO certification. This is not unusual for engineering service organization such as Teknologic LLC. Much of our critical manufacturing is performed by ISO-9001 and/or AS9100 certified subcontractors and suppliers. As part of our QMS, we maintain an Approved Supplier List (ASL) and verify through supplier surveys that subcontractors meet the certification and quality requirements imposed by our customers. Teknologic follows a production strategy of seeking well-qualified suppliers to produce our custom electronics, acoustics, and mechanical components, and performing value-added integration in-house. This allows our organization to focus on efficient assembly, lab testing, and field-testing.

Software Development- Teknologic is a small engineering firm that has a staff with significant past experience in software requirements definition, development, and testing under DOD-STD-1679, DOD-STD-2167, and MIL-STD-498. We use the discipline from this structured software development experience to manage our software development. Our engineers utilize methods such as; project build directories, release notes, change controls, build scripts and change request documents to manage software development.

Customer Satisfaction

Teknologic understands that customer satisfaction is an important performance indicator in our quality management process. Satisfaction is measured through informal day-to-day communication and feedback from our many repeat customers. We encourage open communications on our performance and use that feedback to constantly re-evaluate areas where we can make improvements to support our customer needs.