Our engineering team has been developing systems for the US Navy for over 30 years. The knowledge base gained from these programs allows our team to quickly provide solutions to future challenges.

Electric and Magnetic Field Vulnerability Measurement

We engineered the Electric and Magnetic Field Vulnerability Measurement (EMFVM) System to measure the sensitivity of UUVs to electric and magnetic sensors for the National UUV Test & Evaluation Center (NUTEC).

  • Subsea data acquisition electronics collected and transmitted 42 real-time electric and magnetic sensor channels to shore via TCP over a fiber optic cable
  • Custom acoustic tracking system fixed UUV position within +/-10cm during range transit
  • Topside real-time processor running custom software displayed and logged sensor and UUV position data

Teknologic designed and integrated all the data acquisition electronics and software for this system. Our experience with underwater data acquisition systems made us the best choice for this large project.

NetTORP – Fiber Optic Guided Torpedo

We developed a fiber optic guided MK46 torpedo. Virtual torpedo runs were done at the Weapons Analysis Facility and real torpedo runs were performed at Navy ranges.

  • Responsible for entire torpedo system
  • Tactical and GUI software development
  • Demonstrated both FO and radio controlled torpedo

This program demonstrated Teknologic’s complete system design and development capabilities.

Agile, Low-Cost, AUV

Versatile Low-Cost High-Speed platform with proven SONAR system for tracking and navigation in both deep and shallow water environments.

  • Electric Drive
  • High Energy-Density Rechargeable Batteries
  • Efficient, High Power Motor
  • Proven Adaptive SONAR design in a compact package

Over 30 years of system development, design, and manufacturing experience on torpedo and test set support for US Navy customers and US allies.

Swimmer Defense System

A system utilizing Electro-Optical Intrusion Detection and Localization.

  • 12 loop-monitoring circuits per 6U Compact PCI PWB
  • Each circuit contains multiple high-voltage isolated ADCs
  • Web-based software locates and maps intrusions

Our electronic design and software systems engineers worked with our customer’s lead system designer to produce a very reliable, high availability monitoring system for the government.

Digital Recording Systems

Teknologic has designed and built custom ruggedized Digital Recording Systems for Commercial, Research, and Military applications.

  • Ruggedized Systems built to unique application requirements:
    • Rack Mount / Deployed
    • Hot swappable media
    • Channel Count
    • Frequency band of interest
  • Graphic Interface for control and real-time display
  • Playback and analysis tools

Our engineering skills, and knowledge of acoustics and signal processing allow us to create a quality, ruggedized recording system to any specification.

Remote Mine Neutralization System

Our engineering team had extensive experience working with BAE System's Archerfish™ and was selected to team with Raytheon to demonstrate the capabilities of this underwater mine neutralizer.

  • Dead reckoning algorithm development
  • Radio telemetered launch and control buoy
  • Demonstration of mine locating at NSWC Panama City
  • LABWINDOWS /CVI operator console user interface software design

The RMN program was a great example our expertise in system design and integration, and field testing of a complex UAV system.

Sonar Transducer Design

Our engineering team has developed Sonar Elements and Sonar Arrays used in a variety of Underwater Imaging and Guidance applications.

  • Tonpilz Sonar Transducer Architecture is used to design Longitudinal Vibrator Elements from Multi-Mode Piezoceramic Ring Stacks
  • Groups of Longitudinal Elements are arranged in Arrays to provide both high levels of Acoustic Source level in transmit mode and Acoustic Directivity in both transmit and receive modes
  • Teknologic Sonar Designs include Synthetic Aperature Sonars which provide Imaging Resolution much greater than usually associated with normal array sizes